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Thirty Days of Gratitude | Day 9

Day 9: I am grateful for technology. I am grateful for all of the gadgets and gizmos that I have come to rely on for communication, organization, and memory-keeping. I am grateful for wireless Internet connections, digital cameras, 3TB hard drives, and high-definition monitors. I am grateful that there are brilliant people out there who make these things and that I am blessed enough to own so many of them.

Thirty Days of Gratitude | Day 8

Day 8: I am grateful for… Thursday nights. I am grateful that I get to spend time with my incredibly talented brother on a regular basis. I am grateful that I have been able to watch him grow from a little boy who could build an exact replica of the Titanic out of Legos from memory to a man who is constantly seeking to grow and know God better. I am grateful that my girls want to wait up on these nights just so Uncle Ryan can read them a story.

Thirty Days of Gratitude | Day 7

Day 7: I am grateful for her big blue eyes, her freckles (oh, how I adore her freckles), her rosy pink lips, and the way her hair turns red in the sunlight. I am grateful for the way she looks at me and for her sweet and loving personality. I am grateful that God trusts me enough to make me her mother.


(I had planned on doing this whole project in black and white, but when I saw the color of  her eyes in the sunlight, I knew I was going to have to change it up a bit.)

Thirty Days of Gratitude | Day 1

Today being the first day of November, many of us have started thinking about Thanksgiving and, in turn, the many things we have to be thankful for. Like many people, I will be participating in a Thirty Days of Gratitude project wherein I photograph one thing (or more) that I am thankful for every day of November. I thank God everyday for the blessings of my health, my family, and my ability to spend time doing things that I love. And I hope the next thirty days of photographs captures some of that.

Day 1:  I am grateful for the sweetness on my daughters’ faces while they sleep.  (And I am grateful for high ISO cameras that allow me to take pictures of them without waking them up.)

Sick Day

This morning my oldest woke up as usual to get ready for school, but when it came time to get dressed she told me she felt sick and that she had “the throw ups.” Her little sister woke up an hour later and was sick too. So we opted for a day of rest, nestled on the couch in comfy blankets, sipping ginger ale and watching lots of Disney Junior. Thankfully, the bug passed rather quickly, and everyone was in better health and spirits by dinnertime.

Though neither girl was feeling particularly friendly toward my camera, I did manage to capture this image of my oldest resting on the couch. Sometimes even sick days need to be remembered.