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Thirty Days of Gratitude | Day 12

Day 12: I am grateful for cuddle time! I am grateful that my munchkins let me hug and kiss on them until they just can’t stand it. I am grateful that when I don’t feel well, I can curl up on the couch and be fed magic medicine and have my temperature taken with fairy wands and be served orange juice by little girls wearing crowns. I am grateful for nose-to-nose smooches and bear hugs.


(And I am grateful for the helpful hubby who snapped this picture for me today.)

Thirty Days of Gratitude | Day 9

Day 9: I am grateful for technology. I am grateful for all of the gadgets and gizmos that I have come to rely on for communication, organization, and memory-keeping. I am grateful for wireless Internet connections, digital cameras, 3TB hard drives, and high-definition monitors. I am grateful that there are brilliant people out there who make these things and that I am blessed enough to own so many of them.

Thirty Days of Gratitude | Day 8

Day 8: I am grateful for… Thursday nights. I am grateful that I get to spend time with my incredibly talented brother on a regular basis. I am grateful that I have been able to watch him grow from a little boy who could build an exact replica of the Titanic out of Legos from memory to a man who is constantly seeking to grow and know God better. I am grateful that my girls want to wait up on these nights just so Uncle Ryan can read them a story.

Thirty Days of Gratitude | Day 7

Day 7: I am grateful for her big blue eyes, her freckles (oh, how I adore her freckles), her rosy pink lips, and the way her hair turns red in the sunlight. I am grateful for the way she looks at me and for her sweet and loving personality. I am grateful that God trusts me enough to make me her mother.


(I had planned on doing this whole project in black and white, but when I saw the color of  her eyes in the sunlight, I knew I was going to have to change it up a bit.)